Ticket to Ride

Well just how much have films changed in the past 6 months? That is the $64000 question, or $2.7 billion if you’re Mr James Cameron. The film industry is dying. But not financially.

Inception: truly one of the most original big budget Summer blockbusters as far as I can remember. But it’s also responsible for strangling the future of creative cinema as much as it has possibly inspired it. According to sources, the idea was that Nolan could make Inception as long as a kind of token for making The Dark Knight, and to ensure a high quality sequel to the comic book thriller. It’s initial success was passed off as DiCaprio/Nolan fans flocking to see it on opening weekend, but something unexpected happened. Inception made money. A lot of money. Unfortunately, again all according to sources, this box office hit was passed off as a fluke, and not to make producers start investing more in original filmmaking. Maybe I’m wrong, but the revered contemporary, working filmmakers of today such as Nolan, Tarantino, Coen Brothers etc all made their breakthroughs in a sort of ‘right place, right time’ way. From here on, it’s going to be even tougher for emerging creative directors and writers to enrich the prison of conventional story telling. Who knows, this could well lead to increased creativity through competition, and still as always, nobody knows when the next sleeper indie hit might spring out and dizzy the industry…

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2 Responses to Ticket to Ride

  1. Terry87 says:

    I agree, particularly after the abolition of the UK Film Council, it’s harder than ever for new filmmakers to make a break in this country

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