10 reasons you should watch Evil Dead 2

1. You owe it to yourself

Here’s just a few films which owe it something:

Now tell me you haven't seen any of these.

2. It’s genuinely scary

Think of all the scariest moments you’ve seen in the movies. You’ll have 100 more after this.

3. It’s genuinely funny

I won’t spoil it, but one scene includes the greatest use of a ping pong ball in cinema ever.

4. The monsters are awesome…

Scarier than the Twilight franchise.

5. …especially the possessed hand.

6. The establishment hates it!

So much that the original was banned all over planet Earth for ‘excessive graphic violence and gore’ and a tree rape scene. Evil Dead 2 has all that, and more.

7. Stephen King produced it

The first billion dollar author and horror/sci fi maestro himself loved the original so much he paid out of his own pocket for another to be made.

8. Bruce Campbell is like Jim Carrey x 10

So, if you like Jim Carrey…yeah. If you don’t, still watch it.

9. It’s cheaper than a cinema ticket

Even on Blu Ray.

And if you’re too cheap for that, the whole movie is on Youtube for free:

There’s really no excuse.

10. The trailer’s only 1:25

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGpjlDUb0zY (if you aren’t convinced already)


(That's the director)

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