The Tree of L.I.F.E.

Some of you may know that this year’s Palm d’aw went to Terence Malick’s The Tree of Life, which stars Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain as a 1950s suburban couple just raising their kids and stuff, there’s also some crazy bits as it’s an art film, but I’ll get on to those in just a minute. I imagine everyone’s experience of the film will be different, but here’s mine:


Well, seeing as this film’s showing at Showcase, I may as well enjoy a Tango Ice Blast. It could help to cool my brain down from overheating during the film. High expectations.


I must be crazy to want to live in a world where THIS is extra large. Looking at the Horrible Bosses ads make me wonder how big it is compared to Kevin Spacey’s forehead.

Should that be ‘Spacies’? No matter.



‘Art of Getting By’ looks ok, ‘Anonymous’ trailer starts rubbish but gets better, the Orange subtitled ‘Potiche’ thing still isn’t funny.


The first shot! I see, it’s the Hollywood logo. This is clearly a statement on the significance of letters, of words. Words are used to write movies. Malick is commenting on our reliance on words, perhaps we should use no words at all? Fascinating stuff.

14:45 and 30 seconds

My bad, it’s the Fox Searchlight logo.



Brad Pitt reminds me of someone, I can’t quite figure out who it is though…


I can’t look at Jessica Chastain without thinking of this:


Sean Penn just turned up. He likes candles, skyscrapers and deserts.


Some people came in late, sat next to me, and have been talking constantly. I know I’m being pompous, but come on. I paid £6.70. Just sayin’.


We just hit deep space. We’re at the beginning of the universe. Has this ever been filmed before?


Beginning to see where that 5 years of planning went.


The dinosaur’s are LOL as the youngsters say. Lol.


Half expecting Pitt to say something like:


Think I just missed an important line after thinking about Inglorious Basterds.


In a bit of role confusion, Pitt’s set up his own Fight Club. With his kids. (This is not a joke).


People who were talking are now having a burping contest. Is this what they thought they’d be doing when they woke up this morning?


I forget, I’m in a mainstream cinema, for common people. (This is a joke. Sort of.)


Pretty sure ‘feet’, ‘walking’ and ‘spirals’ are common themes here.


Spent the last 5 minutes totally on the edge of my seat. Not good for my back.


Some moments of brilliance here, great attention to detail. Pieces are coming together in my mind.


Damn these kid actors are amazing. Keanu Reeves would be jealous.


Keanu Reeves comment was harsh. They’re much better than that.


I believe this is the ending sequence. It’s a party on the beach, like Skins but…good.


It’s raining amen.


Jessica Chastain lit by a peaking sun, hair blowing in the wind. Malick has a knack for this.


End credits? That’s so conventional. NB: The Tree of Life was one of the best films of the year.

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