Automobiles 2

Like a normal person, I’m a great admirer of Pixar films. Their ability to create honest, lovely characters in ways where other animation studios fail never ceases to impress. Here are some examples of what I mean:

 There’s Woody, the loveable cowboy. He’s a strong leader who learns to turn his bad, jealous feelings into an everlasting friendship.

There’s Marlin, the loveable clownfish. He’s a devoted father who learns that being protective isn’t such a bad thing, but you should let your children be who they want to be every once in a while.

There’s even Lightning McQueen, the loveable car. He starts out self centred, but soon learns by spending some time as a big star in a small town that he should care about those closest to him, rather than just himself all the time. His selfishness becomes selflessness.

And another thing…

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