T4 Special

So I thought what I would do for you lovely lovely readers is a little photo/video blog of the jolly old music festival T4 on the Beach I went to on Sunday (that’s 10/7/11 for future readers). Edit: and it’s only 3 weeks late.
8:39 AM

Here is a photo of my cat in the morning. His shadow is sillhoutted because he's in front of the sun so it gives a nice effect.

 10:36 AM

Here is a photo of people clapping for the cameras before we found out JLS had cancelled. See how happy they all are? For shame, Jack the Lad Swing.

11.00 AM

Here is a video of not very much happening:

In case an ‘artist’, the title they were constantly referred as, fucked up, the T4 crew had to take lots of ‘backup’ shots of the crowd dancing and clapping. Unfortunately, the music they used to evoke such a reaction was ‘Money’ by Jessie J (who was also absinthe absent), which turned out to be one of the most popular songs all day.

13:59 PM

Here is the large inflatable ball which regularly got in the way of Jason Derulo. I was sad to see it go, but ‘I’m glad it came’!!!! That song’s by Jason Derulo, right?
2:09 PM

Here you can see Katy B and all 7 of her fans singing along. Some unfortunate people are accidentally holding up their cameras.

3.15 PM

17 people are either too short or blind. I can't think of any other reason to film a concert for longer than 10 seconds.

3.30 PM

Here is the audience reaction after The Wanted had sung ‘All Time Low’:

It smelt of sea water, fragrance and PMS.

4:44 PM

Here is Scottish indie rockers 'The View', my favourite of the day. I have 2/3 of their albums.

7.16 PM

Here is a lovely field in Weston:


It smelt of grass, pollen and sunlight.

8.00 PM

After being scared off by the queue at the train station, we caught the bus while walking to the other train station in Weston. We then caught another bus from Bristol. I put some music and effects on to make it more interesting.


It was a very fun day: 8.5/10.

+ Lovely friends
+ Seeing The View
+ JLS cancelled
+Didn’t take drugs
– Missed The Wombats 
– Had to endure listen toNicola Roberts off of Girls Aloud
– Didn’t take drugs

P.S. will fix links later

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